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what an exciting ride this has been with all of you on the Jamati PR BLOG!

After much debate, suggestion and preparation- we have decided to move THIS PR Blog onto the site – where we will continue to be available to you 24/7 – 365!

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The Jamati Online experience brings Africa’s best and brightest stars ranging from the latest Zouk King to Nollywood’s hottest actors-to the Diaspora’s growing audience worldwide. At Jamati Online we are on the pulse of Africa’s burgeoning entertainment industry. We strive to support the artistic endeavors of Africans world wide. Now more than ever we are witnesses to African talent becoming a part of popular culture in Europe and the United States. The time is now ripe for African entertainment to be at the forefront of popular culture. is the first content product launched by DIM Corp.

About DIM Corp.
Diaspora Interactive Media Corporation (DIM Corp.) is Africa’s newest content provider. DIM Corp is an Online, Print, Audio, Television and Mobile content producer for African and African Diaspora audiences. The company produces content on multiple platforms, for the continent of Africa and for providers in the Diaspora interested in adding value for their users and viewers. The company, founded by Elias Mageto, recently launched its first portal, Jamati Online, and has plans to launch four new brands in 2008. The new brands are expected to bring DIM Corp. full circle, producing a menu of content for platform owners to consider for syndication as well as compelling and cutting edge content for African and African Diaspora Audiences.


Advertisements Launches Summer Book Club!

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Led by our Book Section Editor, Awo Sarpong Ansu, this one is sure to get you talking. What is the Pick For the Summer?

You’ll just have to visit to find out! Kicks It With “White African” In Kenya!

….And It went down a little something like this….

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Elias Mageto – Founder, (Diaspora Interactive Media, Corp)

Thanks for the face time White African…we (heart) you……

Resident Evil 5- Just Fun & Games or African Stereotypes

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Billboard promotion in Europe…

This has been a topic of discussion for quite a while….

Game Daily says..

“When the first full trailer for Resident Evil 5 released in 2007, it was immediately criticized for its content. The use of an ethnically white American firing upon ethnically black Africans drew fire from people both inside and out of the video gaming realm. Newsweek editor N’Gai Croal thought the trailer walked a precarious line and said, “This imagery has a history.”

What are your thoughts on RE5 Playstation Game? Just fun and games or is there more to it??!?

Join us in this discussion with Blog Critics Magazine on Blog Talk Radio
Friday, June 27, 2008 @ 6PM

See link below for full show details and PODCAST…..

“Passport To Africa” Event Photos Have Arrived!

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African Beauties @ The ULTRA WHITE PARTY, Finale Event

If you missed this exciting Jamati Sponsored event, or if you just want to re-live the week, photos are now live!

Visit “Passport To Africa” website for a recap of the 5th Annual Week-long Celebration of Africa.

See how the “Grown, Sexy & Trendy” African and African Inspired Set Rolls!

We’re Keepin’ The “Bubbly” on Ice For Ya…….

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Africa Representin’ @ BET Awards 2008

Find out who is reppin “Mama Africa” for the ’08!

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