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What Is It With Africans and Backgammon?


(photo of ancient senat board)

As much as Africans enjoy board games, we thought that it would be interesting to do research on one the more popular ones on the continent: Backgammon.

Now, we know that from the cities to the villages of Africa, there are several generations somewhere playing this game right now. And, with so many online gaming sites, we started checking to see if there was a site that would allow us to play
Backgammon across continents…..and sure enough we found this site. It is really informative, gives step by step instructions for newbies and offers some cool strategies for the experienced players… “Uncle Kollie” and them. Then, in the backgammon games area they offer exclusive bonuses and one of the biggest backgammon casinos.

Did you all know that Backgammon dates back to 3000-1788 BC and is said to have been created in Africa? That would explain the existence of a South African Backgammon Federation or the success of the 6th Annual Omar Sharief Backgammon Tournament. The Tournament took place in North Africa, and reportedly was able to raise $100,000 to supply treatment to children with HIV/AIDS in Africa and other projects around the world.

Who would have imagined that this ancient game sometimes called the game of thirty squares or senat would one day attract its followers to a round of online backgammon.

Well, with all the relatives coming back and forth from Africa, it’s going to be nice to get online and brush up on those backgammon skills…..“Uncle Kollie,” get ready ’cause here we come.

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