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Ireland Elects First African/Black Mayor


Meet Nigerian-born Rotimi Adebari who recently made history as the first black to serve as Mayor in the Republic of Ireland.

The 43 year old won in a six to three vote by a nine-member council to become Mayor of Portlaoise (pronounced Port-leash-a), a town in Ireland with a population of approximately 15,000.

Congrats….Mr. Mayor


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That is fantastic! I love it when black people achieve things like this. The world still thinkg that we are not capable. They need to see that we are just like the rest of them.

Comment by Gerri

Ireland is a republic? More like a semi-autonomous province.

And they elect there mayor by a council vote instead of popular vote of the people? I wonder what percentage of the population is even non-white.

Comment by Yobachi

fucking disgrace , its not enough they come over here and live off us. now they want to have power over us tell the nigger to fuck off home.

Comment by gareth

More power to the man its ticks like that scum gareth that are bringing our county down… get a job well done Rotamie keep up the good work

Comment by Bridget

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